Energy Efficiency Saves the Planet and Your Energy Bills

You Can Do Your Part

It’s no secret that energy efficient home products are the way of the future. Humans are burning fossil fuels and consuming energy at an unprecedented rate, creating an alarming amount of CO2 pollution. With recent scientific breakthroughs and a general understanding of the effects humans have on the earth, people are becoming more and more aware of global warming and its impact. Though we may feel insignificant in the battle against global warming, there is a lot that homeowners can do to reduce energy consumption and mitigate its damaging effects. Although you may not see the direct results of your efforts, you’ll definitely see some more money in your bank when you make your home energy efficient!

Advancements in construction and building products have made it affordable and practical for homeowners to do their part in the fight against global warming. We’re going to look at some of the energy saving products that we carry and talk about how they can save the planet and your bankroll!


1. Energy efficient windows

Let’s start with the obvious one: windows. Windows are crucial in facilitating the entry of air and natural light; they allow cool air to enter and warm air to stay in; natural light can be blocked out or embraced. Without windows, our homes would be a dark, poorly ventilated space. Allowing or permitting air and allowing light to enter the home are reasons why windows are important in conserving energy because the window’s performance will determine the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the home.

Quality Contracting understands the job that windows do to reduce wasted energy, that’s why we only carry Energy Star rated products like the line of Hometech windows. Hometech windows are designed for the climate in Ontario, specifically Sudbury’s “Zone B” climate. This means that Hometech windows are made to withstand the UV exposure and solar heat gain that occurs throughout the summer in Ontario. Without Hometech window’s technology, the heat of the sun in the summertime would create an uncomfortable living environment for the homeowners when they wish to let in natural light. Basically, it would be far too hot if the windows were not covered by a blind or curtain of some sort without these Energy Star rated windows.

On the other hand, the next time you want to turn on the air conditioner or furnace, remember that without energy efficient windows, much of your air would go to waste. Hometech windows will keep cold air out and the warm air in, reducing the energy needed to cool or heat the home to a comfortable temperature and saving you on your hydro bill.

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2. Energy efficient siding

The importance of energy efficient siding is far less known than that of windows. How could that be? Siding covers the majority of the exterior of the home, protecting it against everything from hail and rain to the wind and the sun. So, it’s a no-brainer that your home should be equipped with energy efficient siding, right? We think so. That’s we are always happy to install insulated siding on our projects.

Insulated vinyl siding is going to provide more energy savings over time than a standard vinyl siding that does not have the same insulative properties. In fact, homeowners with insulated siding will reduce heating and cooling costs at an average of 14.2%! That means for every $100 dollars you’d spend to heat or cool your home without insulated siding, you’d be paying $86.00 with insulated siding. And this isn’t just the pink insulation that is standard in most homes, this is siding that is manufactured with cavities that are designed to insulate your home.

Royal Building Products’ Haven insulated siding combines the look of real wood and the energy efficiency of industry-leading insulation technology. The EPS insulation of the siding reduces the flow of hot and cold air through wall cavities. Royal’s “locked-tight” TXL Lamination distinguishes itself by how uniformly it holds siding and insulation together for a seamless, flat fit.

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3. Energy efficient doors

Your front door is essential for the obvious reason: it provides entry to and exit from the home. It seems silly to overlook the main function of an entry door, so I thought I should mention it. But the main function of your entry door, for the purpose of this blog and for the purpose of energy efficiency, is its job in reducing energy consumption through insulative properties and thermal efficiency.

The primary problem with entry doors, and the main cause of energy consumption, is the simple fact that they are used so often. Frequent usage will cause the door to shift from its installed position, allowing for air leakage as the door will no longer be properly positioned and sealed. Weatherstripping also becomes worn and torn, causing a draft. There are a number of signs to watch out for, and if you see them, it means that you’re definitely in need of a new entry door. These signs include an air draft, squeaky hinges, visible cracks, scraping along the frame, and signs of insects or other pests.

So, what do you do when you need a new entry door? Well, we recommend installing Energy Star rated doors. All of the doors installed by Quality Contracting are Energy Star rated for life in the North. Features of an Energy Star rated door include multiple glass panes, tight fit and improved weather stripping, and improved core materials. If you choose to install a door with a window or windows, double or triple-paned insulating glass is used to reduce heat flow much like the energy efficient windows that we offer. We will also fix your doorframe before installing your new door. New frames may include a magnetic strip to create a tighter seal that reduces air leakage around the edge and keeps what’s meant to be on the outside on the outside. Lastly, the doors that we install are made up of industry-leading core materials such fibreglass, wood cladding, and steel with polyurethane foam core.

Aside from the technical features of the door that provide the thermal efficiency, your door must also be properly installed in order to minimize air leakage. There’s almost no stopping air from leaking from your door, let alone the air that will inevitably escape when opened. But there are more technical reasons and solutions for why your door may be leaking error. The frame’s perimeter must be integrated into the wall’s water-resistive through flexible flashings, or water will migrate around the outside of the door. Perimeter joints will also prove effective in minimizing the leakage of air; proper sealant joint design and installation around the perimeter of a door frame is also essential to the building’s waterproofing.

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Want to Get Started?

Now that you know about the importance of energy efficient products and the amount of money they can save you on your heating and cooling bills, take a look around your home to see if you can use an upgrade for your windows, siding, or doors. Give us a call and we will get you set up with an energy efficient home! It will pay off in the long run – we guarantee it!