One of the quickest ways to make a big impression with your renovation or construction dollars is to install a new exterior door. This not only gives the home additional curb appeal, but it also serves several other purposes and advantages; modern materials and construction methods add overall durability and greater insulating properties which can create an entrance that is not only attractive, but functional as well.

Our installation always includes:

  • Install tarp
  • Check new door is correct size and type
  • Carefully removing interior casing to minimize damage to wall
  • Remove exterior brick mold and cut fasteners off old door
  • Dispose of old door (unless you wish to keep it)
  • Clean opening and check for rotting wood
  • Install new door
  • Insulate perimeter of frame with foam
  • Install new interior trim and fill holes for casing
  • Install complete door hardware
  • Cap and caulk the exterior of the door
  • Demonstrate how to operate and maintain your new door
  • Respect the customers property
  • Clean your door
  • Keep job site as clean as possible while working
  • Clean up and remove all refuse and trash daily


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